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Chuck Norris Joke #752

The only thing Chuck Norris fears is Chuck Norris.

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2011-10-06 20:40:07

Chuck Norris hides in the boogieman's closet


2011-03-03 05:04:45

people pray for world hunger to stop.. god asked chuck norris he said NO!


2011-01-14 14:19:34

when Chuck Norris does a push-up, he pushes the world down!


2010-11-19 13:51:48

chuck norris doesnt take damage he deals damage


2010-09-26 17:45:45

Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.


2010-09-25 23:05:05

Chuck Norris doesn't speak English. Americans speak Chuck Norrisese.

The US doesn't allow assisted suicide, but it does ignore cases where people call Chuck Norris a sissy.

Chuck Norris once took Viagra. The event has been immortalized in the Taj Khalifa.


2010-09-25 23:00:20

Death and Taxes know that Chuck Norris is the only certain thing in life.

Chuck Norris is not a god, but he likes to hurt them.

Gold is worth its weight in Chuck Norris.


2010-09-25 22:58:59

Chuck Norris tried to save the wales, but they kept swimming away from him.

Chuck Norris CAN keep a good man down.

Chuck Norris once got into a fight with God. We know where Chuck Norris is...


2010-09-02 11:06:12

what the hell, thats like the worst chuck norris joke ever...i didnt know that was possible..


2010-02-16 13:06:34

Chuck Norris doesn't even fear Chuck Norris, CHuck Norris is Chuck Norris' Daddy


2008-09-02 15:14:12

no it goos he peed in it and then it turned into optimis prime loser


2008-03-31 05:46:53

Chuck Norris had sex with a truck and the baby was Optimus Prime...


2007-10-25 19:27:46

but chuck norris doesnt fear ANYTHING, even himself. if he was scared of himself so much, he'd probably be afraid to live, knowing he could roundhouse kick himself at any moment. lol.

bob billy boob

2007-04-04 11:46:19

this joke sucks more than the last one damit!