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Chuck Norris Joke #734

Chuck Norris waited patiently in Al Capone’s vault for 63 years just so he could give Geraldo Rivera the surprise beating of his lifetime.

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2014-11-17 07:07:34


John L

2013-07-03 02:54:23

When Chuck Norris had a orgasm it was a historical moment. Today it is known simply as "The Big Bang".

John L

2013-07-03 02:53:24

Chuck Norris accidentally created a void in the universe when he looked at himself in the mirror.

John L

2013-07-03 02:51:24

Chuck Norris was the cause of a recent F5 tornado, and it's all because he demonstrated his Roundhouse kick.


2012-08-25 20:32:30

Chuck Norris is the real reason dinosaurs are extinct


2011-12-23 11:34:30

Back in the day, there were no ugly people.

Ugly people today are simply the descendants of people that crossed Chuck Norris.


2011-03-12 06:08:59

Cobra bit the Chuck Norris's leg once, and after 6 days of pain and agony... cobra died!


2011-01-24 09:10:40

chuck norris kicked mike tyson's ear off


2010-12-12 08:51:33

There are only two beings in earth that can survive a Nuclear Apocalypse a cockroach and Chuck Norris

mike z

2010-07-30 20:47:11

Chuck Norris could slap the yellow off your teeth!!!!


2010-05-30 05:33:13

My Chuck Norris Action figure once impregnated my sister's black barbie.... Thier love child is now known today as Mr. T

Klacker lOl

2010-04-17 19:21:27

A list of extinct animals was found on chuck norris's dresser. The name of the list was LAST WEEKS TO-DO LIST

Klacker lOl

2010-04-17 19:16:47

Theory of evolution is a theory. the real evolution is just chuck norris separating the animals he likes from the animals he's bout to roundhouse. BEAT THAT!


2010-04-01 09:13:40

Chuck Norris is the only HUMAN species to be on the endangered list


2010-02-07 17:39:19

Chuck Norris is the only person who can roundhouse kick you in the back of the face.


2010-02-06 04:21:30

Chuck Norris invented Giraffe's... When he uppercutted a horse!


2009-11-23 13:06:24

Chuck Norris counted to infinity....twice.


2009-03-11 14:29:11

how about this one:
Chuck Norris lost his virginity before his dad did


2007-09-03 07:30:45

Here one you don't have....
when Chuck norris jacksoff he looks at pictures of Chuck norris