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Chuck Norris Joke #680

Rudolph has a red nose because Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked him across the face.

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Mark Finn

2012-08-27 10:46:22

Chuck Norris CAN have his cake and eat it too.


2012-08-27 10:25:31

dad:i baked you a pie

son: oh boy what flavor

dad: pie flavor

Robert Flores

2012-08-25 10:07:47

Chuck Norris can push start a Cat 797 haul truck.


2012-01-15 09:25:07

Did you know Chuck Norris died 20 years ago. But death never got the coruage to tell him.


2012-01-14 19:50:08

Chuck Norris killed 15 people with a grenade. Then it blew up.

Your Dad

2011-12-25 15:27:02

I like trains


2011-10-19 15:59:34

In the film Alien vs. Predator Chuck Norris won.

Baba match

2011-05-02 10:20:04

Chuck Norris has a free gate pass ticket on judgement day to make a choice...God doesn't like him the Devil hates his guts


2011-05-02 10:13:47

God knows what's gonna happen before it happens,but He doesn't knows what's Chuck Norris gonna do next

le zu!!!

2011-05-02 10:10:04

Alien v predator (GOOD movie)...Alien & Predator V CHUCK NORRIS...


2011-05-02 10:04:30

Macguiver wishes he was Chuck norris


2011-05-02 09:56:30

Nobody can break the law, but the law can't break chuck norris!!


2011-05-02 09:51:51

Chuck Norris gives freddy kruger nightmares...

le zu!!!

2011-05-02 09:46:06

Chuck norris can have sex with a woman tomorrow, today!!


2011-05-02 09:36:16

Chuck noRris does not get hungry


2011-05-02 09:29:14

When the US suggested that weapons of mass destruction must be destroyed,the Russians asked what will happen to Chuck norris

le zu!!!

2011-05-02 09:19:56

Osama Binladen thought he got away wit it until he stepped on chuck Norris boot...


2011-03-09 13:35:31

Chuck norris had three pets. A lizard, a gold fish, and a monkey. To experiment he put his own blood in these animals . Now they are known as Godzilla, Jaws, and King-Kong


2010-09-25 03:52:52

chuck norris ordered a big mac at burger king and got 1

Tom Brown

2010-03-28 18:54:44

Chuck Norris doesn't impregnate women, he ejaculates babies.


2009-10-20 17:29:37

Every person who achived an amazing feat is actually Chuck Norris in disguise.


2008-02-22 08:48:37

i hav nothing left to say


2008-02-22 08:47:31

even knowing chuck norris has sex its just for his fun. he can reproduce by himself!!!! im lmao right now(lol) ;)


2008-02-22 08:41:28

the only reason chuckie cheeses is open is becuase it has chuck in it

A. Thomas

2008-02-20 17:19:18

funny, but soooo original.




2007-11-09 13:41:51

The whole reason Justin Timberlake had to bring sexy back is because Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked it out of him in the first place.


2007-09-08 22:45:32

chuck norris is so fat when he went to a restrant, and they gave him a menu, he siad yes please.