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Chuck Norris Joke #673

Chuck Norris once kicked a baby elephant into puberty.

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Pikachu Ketchup

2012-11-20 14:56:42

Chuck Norris has a dog....his name is Cereberus.
Chuck Norris uses a flamethrower to toast his bread...and it always comes out perfect.

Pikachu Ketchup

2012-11-20 14:53:45

If you shot Chuck Norris tommorow would the bullet's funeral.


2012-08-20 21:39:06

The Batman is Chuck Norris's butler


2012-08-20 21:35:48

The worlds most interesting man cleans Chuck Norris's toilet


2012-08-20 21:34:30

Chuck Norris can't give blood, needles can't go thru his skin

Desean Jackson

2012-03-30 12:16:05

chuck norris(my friend) was bitten by a snak. after 3 days of painful suffering the snak flain died


2012-03-08 16:24:30

chuck norris can sit in the corrner of a circular room.

chuck norris can turn a pickle back into a cucumber

chuck norris can unscramble scrambled eggs!!!!


2011-11-25 21:50:54

chuck norris can put a wall through a nail


2011-08-14 17:35:42

the bible was originaly named
Chuck Norris And Friends


2011-02-16 15:28:32

Chuck Norris went on a two week vacation to the Virgin Islands. Now they're merely known as The Islands.


2011-01-13 12:26:22

deer eat grass,lions eat deer, crocodiles eat lions its the way of life but chuck Norris eats what ever the fuck He wants


2010-12-08 05:43:44

If you have $5 and Chuck Norris has $5, Chuck Norris has more money than you.

cheese head xD

2010-11-20 06:50:08

neil armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon...chuck norris was the first person to walk on the sun

caim hood

2010-10-18 13:59:51

chuck norris does not teabag the ladys he potatosacks them


2010-09-01 15:01:21

Chuck Norris beat the sun at a satring contest


2010-09-01 11:16:56

Chuck Norris can play connect four with only three moves.


2010-07-10 19:35:34

jesus can walk on water chuck norris can swim through land


2010-06-28 23:20:00

does that mean the baby went up to juck norris juck kicked the elephant then seconds later it had hair on its balls?


2010-02-10 13:26:51

when Bruce banner gets angry he turns into the hulk when the hulk gets angry he turns into chuck norris.


2010-02-10 13:23:15

When young kids go to there bed they check for the boogeyman when the boogeyman goes to his bed he checks for chuck norris.

Cassandra Taylor

2009-10-13 12:31:50

i love your jokes but you need to come up with more!!!


2007-07-18 18:36:07

You are shit just do the world a favor and commit suicide


2007-06-14 20:09:46

Chuck Norris doesnt cut his lawn, he stares at it and dares it to grow!!!!


2007-06-06 21:46:53

chuck norris doesn't take time out of HIS day to do things, he takes time out of yours!

joseph kessler

2007-03-27 11:15:30

chuck norris counted to infinity, twice.