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Chuck Norris Joke #646

Scientists in Washington have recently conceded that, if there were a nuclear war, all that would remain are cockroaches and Chuck Norris.

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2014-01-30 12:23:59

chuck Norris never ages


2012-07-27 20:41:30

1.chuck norris doesnt run from nazi zombies, nazi zombies run from him 2. chuck norris kicked a horses head the new name for it is a girrafe


2012-07-27 20:38:35

its a bird!!! no its a plane!!! no its one of chuck norris' roundhouse kicked victims


2012-07-27 20:36:39

chuck norris lost his left testical the new logical name for it is jupiter


2012-07-27 20:34:17

the titanic sunk not from a iceberg but chuck norris was skinny dipping and it hit his righ testacle


2011-11-27 13:45:21

... And the DFS sale


2011-11-08 00:24:42

Chuck Norris is so tuff that when the chinease army tried to attack him they lost. TWICE


2011-05-16 20:17:34

Chuck Norris can walk over lava just like Jesus(


2011-05-08 08:29:30

if you met a woman with crooked teeth, she just gave chuck norris a blow job

Mad Hatter

2011-04-29 20:32:43

Chuck Norris can melt water


2011-03-30 23:41:16

jesus walked over water, chuck norris walked over jesus


2011-01-28 21:18:26

Chuck Norris can set water on fire.

Jack E.

2010-10-16 20:01:01

Chuck Norris built the log cabin, He was born in.

Chuck Norris

2010-10-16 13:08:39

thats right im also the only defence against one


2009-12-25 09:25:48

Chuck Norris is so tuff that under his beard its just another fist.


2009-10-11 00:10:26

chuck norris is the only man to unscramble a scramble egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Mom

2009-10-10 19:18:29

Pluto is so far away because God punched it about 50 times. It came back. Chuck Norris roudhouse kicked it once and it stayed there.

Your Mom

2009-10-10 19:15:44

if weegee looked at Chuck Norris he'd get a foot shaped mark on his face.

Jarrett Grasty

2009-09-28 08:38:52

Bruce Lee actually faked his own death. He now goes by the name Chuck Norris.

SSG Chubbs

2009-02-28 17:32:19

chuck norris was in a car accident and lost both his legs but he still maneged to walk it off

banana slug

2007-08-09 12:09:50

no rambo he roundhouse kicked a horse in the chin

-banana slug


2007-03-20 10:39:42

how were giraffes invented? Chuck Norris upper cutted a horse.

Tysen Shields

2007-03-16 12:39:22

this site is funny