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Chuck Norris Joke #594

Chuck Norris’ IQ can be expressed simply as a sideways eight.

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Jada Cheth

2012-09-30 00:17:49

Tupac didn't have a "Thug Life" tattoo on his stomach..he really had "Chuck Norris"

Jada Cheth

2012-09-30 00:16:33

Usain Bolt misspelled "Chuck Norris" alot...thats what made him what hes today..too bad he's runnin' for life..

your mom

2012-09-29 10:53:51

chuck norris is fucking me right now in the parcking lot of mcdonalds while i scream"CONCRETE!"because thats what his dick feels like


2012-01-13 18:17:37

Chuck Norris can go left and right at the same time


2011-07-23 13:04:17

sideways 8 = infinite :)


2011-05-31 07:28:05

The boogyman checks the closet for Chuck Norris at night.


2011-04-21 17:07:05

chuck norris can kill 2 stones with one bird. god said i'll create theworld in 8 days chuck norris gavehim 7. chuck norris dosent need twiter hes already following u


2011-01-07 13:30:21

Chuck norris once peed in anrucks gass tank that truck is now known as optimus prime


2010-12-15 12:23:38

Chuck Norris can tape a teacher to a hair.....without any tape!


2010-10-21 20:01:05

Every night at 8:00, a truck pulls up to Chuck Norris's house. In the truck are a bunch of orphans. For the next half hour Chuck Norris practices his roundhouse kicks, while "It's a Hardknock Life" plays in the background. At the end of the session the orphans in perfect unison thank Chuck Norris before getting back in the truck.


2010-10-21 19:25:16

God said let there be light, Chuck Norris said say please.


2010-10-21 14:20:55

chuck norris can blow bubbles with beaf jerkey


2010-06-30 12:31:17

chuck norris recently decided to sell his urine as a beverage. we know this as red bull.


2010-06-29 17:10:30

in soviet russia chuck norris still kicks you


2010-03-05 13:57:21

god can walk on water chuck norris can swim through land


2010-03-05 13:55:42

chuck norris pissed in a sewer and created the teenage mutant ninja turtles


2010-03-02 23:01:34

chuck norris can count to infinity...twice


2009-11-03 00:05:37

hehe, nice one!


2009-03-01 09:20:54

Lyssa you are a dumbass and should shoot yourself for being so dumb it is infinity


2008-11-25 06:08:14

Lol, I dont get it! >.> Whats a sideways 8?

joe Anderson

2008-02-29 15:58:45

Any body with the name Dan Johnson is cool

joe Anderson

2008-02-29 15:57:37

Chuck Norris once shot down a German fighter plane with his finger and yelling "Bang"


2007-12-16 18:24:05

is he really that smart?
Chuck Norris doesn't do math. He is math.


2007-05-09 11:24:10