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Chuck Norris Joke #586

When Chuck Norris picks his nose, he REALLY does find Gold.

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2012-08-12 07:24:23

when chuck norris farts people in canada learn to cry


2011-04-22 09:53:11

the original name for alien vs predator was alien and predator vs Chuck Norris. The movie canceled out because no one wanted to see a movie that was 14 seconds long.


2011-04-22 09:38:46

not that funny i just went through 6 pages and their not funny what so ever

Chuck Norris

2011-04-09 20:45:53

Some people wear Spiderman pajamas, Spiderman wears Chuck Norris pajamas!

Chuck Norris

2011-04-09 20:44:11

These are Chuck Norris FACTS, not JOKES!


2011-03-16 12:40:10

Lol sounds like chuck noris was a minner. this is an awesome site.chuck norris is so cool he finds gold in his nose. thats awesome!


2009-05-03 14:04:34

Chuck Norris doesn't pick his nose. He's too cool for that!!!!!!!


2009-01-17 19:17:33


How could you have sex when you have your clothes on, there's no contact!


2008-10-23 10:49:40

Chuck Norris never ever takes his cloithes off, he has sex with his clothes on.


2007-07-13 16:54:06

This site is so funny!


2006-12-15 18:26:19

1234 good