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Chuck Norris Joke #57

The quickest way to a man's heart is with Chuck Norris' fist.

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2015-01-19 14:55:51

Everyone knows that when they made a book of Chuck Norris jokes he ensured there where no jokes that made him appear more powerful than God. Recently the story of how this came to be was leaked to a government agency. Here is the classified file.:
Upon the first day of the incident in question Chuck Norris requested of the publishing company that all jokes making him appear more powerful than God be removed.
On the second day he received an automated call (as no one dared to call him personally) saying his request was denied due to the large drop in sales which would result.
On third day Chuck Norris commanded them, and it was so.

young rook

2012-11-25 12:58:53

chuck norris wears a black belt on the beard he grows on his dick

Micheal Terekenge

2012-04-25 09:41:49

my balls been itching for a whole week because of all them guys i did.

Chuck Norris

2011-11-02 12:00:06



2011-06-01 18:34:33

gay=happy thoughts