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Chuck Norris Joke #547

Chuck Norris uses redhot lava to moisturize his skin.

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Chuck Norris

2012-07-18 19:36:57

Yep. i did that! :P


2012-03-09 16:43:52

i love you montgomery but you suck for dummping me!!!!!!!!!!! but id rather date chuck norris than you!!!!! beat that chicken wing!!!!


2012-02-10 19:13:52


Chick Norris

2010-12-22 21:14:34

Chick Norris can bleed for 7 day's and not die...and in that week she can kill more people then Chuck Norris :]

prince piyano

2009-10-25 22:48:22

chuck norris doesnt believe in God, god believes in chuck norris


2009-09-02 18:15:08

I just want to say how beautiful you are. Hold in their darling. Its all worth it. I am waiting for you. Love Jesus


2009-09-02 18:13:13

Man I'm so funny I should be a shrink! Ha ha he ho...

Jesus Manson

2009-09-02 18:12:04

Chuck Norris played soccer without a ball.

Chuck Norris writes poetry with his fists.

Chuck Norris won a beauty contest with his hair.

Chuck Norris started the Australian bushfires with his hair.


2009-09-02 18:09:24

Chuck Norris committed suicide with his mind.


2009-07-16 21:35:48

Chuck Norris KNOWS what happens in Vegas.

cody hamlin

2009-06-30 06:12:01

fact:if chuck noriss has $5 and u have $5 then chuck noriss has more money...dont think so try arguing w/ him the last man that ever did was michael look hes dead.coincidence?

douche bag

2007-05-17 08:51:43

u suck