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Chuck Norris Joke #544

Chuck Norris eats a bowl of diamonds every morning.

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2012-08-10 18:34:14

4Q loldude u can suck chuck norris's penis

mad marligan

2011-05-31 14:01:11

Better yet: Chuck Norris eats a bowl of coal every morning and shits diamonds in the afternoon.


2010-12-30 20:31:05

ha ha ha
very funny

mitch C

2010-04-17 15:37:23

Once, Superman hosted an elegant dinner party and saw Chuck norris come through the door. Superman addressed him "Ah, Mr. Norrs, it is very nice to see you!" Chuck norris said: Excuse me, who the heck are you?"

lol dude

2009-02-24 19:41:56

ha ha ha ha ha
NOT funny