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Chuck Norris Joke #536

Chuck Norris puts the laughter in manslaughter.

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2011-10-26 13:34:37

A man once tryed to cross the streat. Unfortunatley the streat was actualy chuck norris. No one survives crossing Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris

2011-08-29 10:00:13

Martin Luther King met Chuck Norris in a drea. :)


2011-08-13 04:24:35

Chuck norris does not make zombie survival plans. Zombies make Chuck norris survival plans


2011-07-19 09:52:53

when chuck norris crosses the street , the cars have to look both ways and your mom is a smelly phat phucker

jimmy block

2009-04-24 08:09:48



2007-10-23 21:19:14

jean claude van damme once dreamed he beat up chuck norrs. When he woke up he got a roundhouse kick to the face

burt whitaker

2007-09-01 15:58:33

some people may ware superman pajamas but superman weres chuck norrs pajamas