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Chuck Norris Joke #466

Chuck Norris doesn't own a can opener, he just chews through the can.

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2012-01-30 12:55:44

The world is so afraid of Chuck Norris that it will only end when Norris tells it to.


2012-01-30 12:53:27

Chuck Norris is so smart that if you asked him, what the meaning of life was? he would tell you. You would then die from a roundhous kick.

Elizabeth Hensley

2011-12-14 19:30:22

Chuck Norris can strangle you with a cordless phone.


2011-12-08 08:34:47

Chuck Norris can tellv the time of a spoilt clock


2011-05-16 09:35:52

Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerky

skater tastics

2011-03-07 16:52:42

when chuck norris goes bowling he uses the world as the ball


2011-03-07 16:46:57

chuck norris's money dosnt burn a hole in his pocket he does that by himself


2011-03-07 14:03:45

Chuck Norris makes Mcdonals look like burgr king


2010-08-17 17:43:01

A meteor didn't destroy the dinosaurs, they pissed off chuck Norris

mike norris

2010-07-04 08:40:31

Chuck Norris make straight men gay.


2010-07-03 22:40:16

chuck norris throws nuthin, he chucks it


2010-07-03 22:38:27

chuck norris doesnt screed concrete he scares it flat


2008-09-28 20:21:03

Chuck norris sold his soul to the devil for his master karate skills then round hous kicked him in the face and got his soul back