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Chuck Norris Joke #459

During the Vietnam War, Chuck Norris allowed himself to be captured. For torture, they made him eat his own entrails. He asked for seconds.

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2013-01-11 13:34:06

chuck norris does not go swinming water goes around him

John Marston

2012-10-21 20:20:29

Jesus can walk on water,but Chuck Norris can swim threw land


2012-08-08 23:46:56

when chuck norris goes swimming he doesnt get wet the water gets chuck norrised


2012-04-24 16:58:39

Chuck Norris created God

Chuck Norris

2012-03-06 10:08:06



2011-07-23 07:07:27

chuck norris doesnt eat food he eats dick with a side of mashed pottatoes


2011-02-05 16:56:29

when chuck norris toke a shower he didnt need a towl to dry himself.


2011-02-05 16:51:52

when chuck norris went to go pee he started globo warming

Flog The second

2011-01-16 11:27:55

Eww. So uh yeah, Eww.


2010-09-21 11:01:40

Chuck norris dosen't have a watch HE decides what time it is

Klacker lOl

2010-04-17 18:54:49

i just did this entire joke last week, now that's a good chuck norris joke:
chuck norris was captured in the vietnam war and tortured YESTERDAY, OWNAGE


2010-01-14 01:17:37

chuck cant be captured...


2009-07-18 19:29:29

chuck norris took one look at 50 cent and turned him into a nickel

i am the norris

2008-01-18 10:52:28

hahahahahaha!!! i'm sure he did