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Chuck Norris Joke #404

When Chuck Norris makes a burrito, its main ingredient is real toes.

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Uncle Juice

2012-12-15 14:49:15

Chuck Norris knows where Jimmy Hoffa is.....

your a dick gslappa!

2011-12-01 12:08:18

who gives a shit if you've heard these jokes before? why dont you grow a pair, AND get a life.


2011-10-25 18:26:13

most of these jokes ive heard about 1276 times, but geek's is friggin fantastic!


2011-07-10 12:54:50

Chuck Norris can poo a corner in a oval room


2010-12-09 03:01:56

you dont need money for a facelift just go to chuck norris


2010-12-09 02:46:55

chuck norris is so dangerous he hits facebook on a payphone


2010-12-09 01:32:43

chuck norris lost his virginity before his dad...


2010-10-08 16:41:49

chuck norris's rice crispies dont say shit to him unless he gives them the ok

chuck norris ies buddy

2010-08-21 11:09:14

hey buddy


2010-01-08 16:03:09

chuck norris is so strong that when he does push ups he pushes the ground down


2008-02-06 21:39:39

Hmmm, Shit joke?

Chuck Norris

2007-07-23 18:23:25

Some of these are flattering, but a lot of these I DO NOT appreciate.