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Chuck Norris Joke #400

Chuck Norris runs on batteries. Specifically, Die Hards.

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Baron Theodore

2012-08-17 01:28:18

The tsunami was not caused by earthquake. Chuck Norris farted.


2012-03-19 03:11:54

Chuck Norris was bitten by a cobra.
After 5 days and a lot of excruciating pain,
the snake died.


2011-06-29 20:05:18

One day, Chuck Norris made eye contact with Tim Tebow's mother. Tebow's mother instantly tore off her cloths and begged Chuck Norris to ravish her. Chuck abloged and shot a load of platnum seed into her... the leader of the spearm demanded that all of Tebow's mom's eggs surrender and be devoured by the army of Norris seed. as Tebow's mother was past the "change of life" and barren, the immaculate army of Norris sperm, livid because there were no enimies to conquer rushed forward with such a force as to propell Tebow's mother into orbit. Subsequent to completing 17 orbits around the Earth, Tebow's mother decended back into earth's atmosphere, burning and desentegrating into nothingness. Chuck Norris quipped,"Don't waste my time.". Chuck Norris then traveled back in time to the point where he initiall made eye contact with Tim Tebow's mother..did not make eye contact, and roundhouse kicked her in the balls (Chuck Norris can not only roundhouse kick a cyclops between the eyes, but can also roundhouse kick a woman in the balls... sendng her into orbit with the same result. He then said, "yes."


2010-12-24 16:12:32

Wendy's had to stop running the "where's the Beef?" commercials after Chuck Norris dropped his pants.


2010-12-19 14:38:21

shut the fucking hell up before i roundhouse kick your sorry mother fucking asses

John Michael G. Banaag

2010-12-03 06:21:20

for world war there is no need to worry for weapons because chuck norris will care of it

Juany B.

2010-11-11 06:23:24

LADIES! RELAX! There is plenty to go around ;)

Jenny Anderson

2010-11-11 06:22:54

No bitches hes mine!

Ginger Gurl23

2010-11-11 06:22:32

Me Too


2010-11-11 06:21:53

Lol Juan Ur hilarious

Juany B.

2010-11-11 06:21:27

Chuck Norris sued Burger King for not giving him a big mac and won.


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2010-02-02 09:43:26

Tebow kick's Ingrams ass

Adam B

2009-12-21 19:20:41

Roll Tide! Chuck wears Mark Ingram pajamas... Tebow's a cry-baby.


2007-11-29 18:30:17

The only person Chuck Norris is scared of is Tim Tebow(the Florida Gator QB)

And Chuck Norris wore Tim Tebow pjs