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Chuck Norris Joke #367

Two wrongs don't make a right. Unless you're Chuck Norris. Then two wrongs make a roundhouse kick to the face.

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2011-12-11 09:16:57

you can't find chuck norris, chuck norris finds you.


2011-06-05 04:41:40

In America Chuck Norris Kills you
In soviet russia chuck norris still kills you

Matthew Clay

2010-11-03 19:49:34

The Dos Equis man is interesting only because Chuck Norris has allowed him to live.


2010-11-02 23:00:57

chuck norris had sex in a fire truck, then one of his sperms got on the seat, that fire truck is now known as optimas prime


2010-10-23 13:15:46

you kinda fail at life

Klacker lOl

2010-05-26 18:47:09

ARE YOU JOSH PECKING ME? to chuck norris one wrong deserves a roundhouse kick to the face. dont mess with chuck


2010-05-20 08:43:46

In the Bible Jesus turnedwater to wine. Then Chuck Norris turned wine to beer.

mad max

2009-12-18 18:17:37

this is sooo fucking funny


2009-11-02 14:02:34

Chuck Norris can kill you in more ways then you know how to die.


2009-06-24 12:06:17

Jesus may be able to walk on water but Chuck Norris can swim on land.


2009-06-24 12:03:10

chuck norris is the only person who can punch a cyclops in between the eyes


2009-02-24 21:30:51

if chuck norris was an avenger he wouldnt be thor or hulk he would be god


2008-04-01 10:53:11

Fact:Jennifer lopez wouldn't have an ass if it wasnt for the swelling from a roundhouse kick to the back from chuck norris

bill 3

2007-10-23 19:46:22

hahah lol


2007-08-21 22:04:53

sick , that so fab