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Chuck Norris Joke #365

The 11th commandment is “Thou shalt not piss off Chuck Norris” This commandment is rarely enforced, as it is impossible to accomplish.

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2012-12-12 17:03:17

Yo mama like a shot gun. One cock she blows


2012-12-11 19:06:03

Chuck Norris can split an atom with his bare hand


2012-07-15 22:02:58

Chuck Norris doesn't use Toilet Paper when going to the Bathroom, Instead, he uses a cheese grater


2011-08-27 18:24:29

Lysol kills 99.9% of germs Chuck Norris kills 100

Awsome Guy

2011-03-29 11:46:55

youre momma is so fat when she was floating in the ocean spain claimed her for the new country

yo momma

2011-03-29 11:22:59

yo momma is so fat when she went to jenny criag she said we asked for weight not your phone number

I embarass myself

2010-12-06 12:16:25

Every time on Chuck Norris's birthday, Chuck Norris chooses one lucky kid to be thrown into the sun.

Sarad Thamia

2010-04-28 19:32:05

Chuck Norris doesn't have a chin under his beard, there's only another fist!


2010-04-28 12:53:40

chuck noris won the 1988 world poker tuornament when all he was holding was a 2 of spades 7 of clubes a green 4 uno card and amonopaly get out of jail free card.

Sgt. sprinkles

2009-11-16 03:47:28

u know that joke is lame, grendal


2009-09-27 20:22:56

when chuck noris jumps into a body of water chuck noris doesnt get wet...the water gets chuck noris

lol dude

2009-02-24 17:46:49

when chuck norris smokes, he dosent get addicted to it, the drug gets addicted to chuck norris

im SOOO right

2009-02-24 17:45:06

dragonlord, you are adictid to video games


2008-10-20 20:24:26

Chuck Norrris' XBOX live account name is God


2008-10-20 20:23:02

Chuck Norris can beat Through The Fire And Flames 100% on expert with the fastest speed and in the mode where you can't see what buttons to push. by pushing one button.


2008-10-20 20:20:17

Jesus walked on water, Chuck Norris swam through land


2008-10-20 20:19:07

whoever said it was impossible to slam a revolving door has obviously never met chuck norris


2008-03-19 18:47:53

when chuck norris jumps in a pool chuck norris does not get wet. the pool gets chuck norris. :D

Andie Zaragoza

2007-09-26 09:45:39

its ok....