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Chuck Norris Joke #334

Chuck Norris once ordered a steak in a restaurant. The steak did what it was told.

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2014-05-23 07:32:31


Super Norris

2012-07-14 13:53:06

when chuck norris plays call of duty modern warfare 2 he gets a tacticle nuke by using only a flash bang


2012-04-19 20:47:17

Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer. TOO BAD HE NEVER CRIES!!!!!


2011-10-29 12:24:10

i feel bad for the steak:(

j j

2011-07-17 07:07:56

lightning never strikes twice in the same place because it knows that chuck norris is looking for it.

Chris Brown

2008-02-13 05:51:15

The bremuda triangle was once the bremuda square before chuck norris roundhouse kicked one of its corners off.


2007-09-22 20:22:58

Chuck Norris isn't a redhead. It's bloodstained.


2007-03-14 14:54:36

Chuck Norris is so hot he doesn't need an umbrella. The rain evaporates as soon as it hits his body.


2007-03-12 14:49:52

HAHAHAHAHAHAH nice bro keep it up muh home boi