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Chuck Norris Joke #291

With the rising cost of gasoline, Chuck Norris is beginning to worry about his drinking habit.

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2012-02-13 09:42:48

chuck norris doesn't do karate. karate does chuck norris.


2011-10-08 21:43:39

some funny jokes but what you people dont realize that bruce lee never did a 6 inch punch he did a 1 inch punch


2011-09-28 13:22:52

Chuck norris is so cool he took a dump and what was left after it decomposed was Europe. Lol okay that was kinda grose :/


2011-09-28 13:19:22

Lol chuck norris doesn't call the wrong number, you answer the wrong phone. Chuck norris isn't late, you're early. Chuck norris doesn't bleed, blood runs away from him. chuck norris didn't aspire to be a legend, legends aspired to be a chuck norris.. Sadly nobody has reached this stage yet.

Mikaela and hannah

2011-07-27 13:56:30

Chuck noris was the original Danny tanner on full house untill the incident with the Olsen triplets

Mikaela and hannah

2011-07-27 13:56:15

Chuck Boris was the original Danny tanner on full house untill the incident with the Olsen triplets


2011-02-18 18:16:30

chuks so fast he can run arond the world and punch himself in the head


2010-10-30 16:56:48

chuck norris is what willis was talking about


2010-10-07 20:47:49

chuck norris killed a man in new york practicing bruce lees 6 inch punch he was in san fransisco. At the time


2010-05-31 21:09:16



2010-05-31 21:09:15


Ryan everhart

2009-11-14 07:14:19

Lol so funny domm


2009-11-14 06:59:38

Santa Claus did exist, until he forgot to get Chuck Norris a present one year.


2009-04-10 15:04:04

If Chuck Norris used his round-house kick on a revolving door, the building attached to the door would take flight and be able to achieve escape velocity....


2009-03-04 15:13:36


john brown

2007-11-01 21:40:03

Bruce Lee can punch full strength from six inches away. Chuck Norris can do it from four inches away.