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Chuck Norris Joke #290

Chuck Norris' first job was as a paperboy. There were no survivors.

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2014-06-22 18:48:08


Robert Flores

2012-08-25 11:13:55

Chuck Norris does not win competitions, his competition just loses early.

jade chadwick

2012-06-12 21:35:49

chuck norris is so awsome how dare you say stuff about him he is also handsome

hello there

2012-05-03 09:13:47

thats a sneeze

phat boy

2012-03-15 17:35:59

Chuck Norris's name should change to Chu....because when someone pisses him off that's all they can say

phat boy

2012-03-15 17:34:04

Ahhhhh!! Chuck norris

Chuck Norris

2011-11-22 18:50:07

Why you talkin' bout me!


2010-12-31 15:42:03

Funny thing is that they tryed to warn people by putting it in the paper... ironic much?