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Chuck Norris Joke #28

Time waits for no man. Unless that man is Chuck Norris.

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2012-09-04 18:18:10

Chuck Norris is so feared the IRS sends him a 1040 every year.

Chuck Norris

2011-07-15 04:13:05

Chuck Norris dosn't go swimming water just whats to be aound him.


2011-06-08 13:44:26

everytime chuck norris prays an angle grows a beard.

Seana Karcher

2011-05-20 07:22:28

Chuck Norris doesnt mow lawn, he dares grass to grow.


2010-12-20 17:29:45

chuck norris uses a live rattlesnake as a condom.......
if chuck norris and mr t. went into the same room, the building would explode simply because nothing can contain that amount of cool.


2010-12-20 17:03:27

When Chuck Norris Does A Push-up He's Not Lifting Himself Up, He's Pushing The Earth Down. You Know Why There Is No Sign Of Life On Mars? Because Chuck Norris Was Already There.

chey bettinger

2010-04-14 18:23:56

(what would chuck norris do)


2009-12-10 07:45:04

Chuck Norris is so tuff that there is another fist under his beard.

Mandii B.

2009-06-24 19:33:54

Chuck Norris doesn't need a phone charger. His phone's too afraid to die.