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Chuck Norris Joke #268

Chuck Norris used to play baseball. When Babe Ruth was hailed as the better player, Chuck Norris killed him with a baseball bat to the throat. Lou Gehrig got off easy.

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2011-09-07 12:37:31

Chuck norris doesn't need a twitter. He's already following you.


2011-03-23 08:35:28

Chuck norris uses rattle snakes as comdoms


2010-03-31 17:20:59

chuck norris wears live rattle snakes as belts


2009-12-17 12:19:24

Who would win in a fight between Bo and Luke Duke??

Chuck Norris


2007-09-24 12:10:05

chuck norris created the giraffe by uppercutting a horse

ace dragonmaster

2007-05-18 18:53:43

nah chuck stretched time to pick up an unknown disease and put it in lou..... thus lou gehrig's