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Chuck Norris Joke #265

When chuck Norris does division, there are no remainders.

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2014-11-01 23:22:43



2012-02-26 05:16:00

chuck norris cat gave birth to the thundercats


2011-12-01 08:53:58

Chuck Norris once roudhoused kicked Hulk in the face. Now he hides in the forest and changed his name to Shrek!!

gabriel golldman

2011-06-09 08:01:26

Chuck Norris dosent flussh the toilte, he skars the shit out of it!!!


2011-02-25 02:22:58

Chuck Norris doesnt need a GPS - he decides where he is...


2011-02-25 02:22:14

When Chuck Norris eats Rice Crispies - they shut the F&^% up!!

Peanut Butter Luck

2010-10-02 19:22:51

then gandolf the great and gandolf the white and monty python and the holygrail's black night and bentii mousilini and the blue meany and cowboy curtis and jombi the jenee robocop terminator captin curk darth vader lo pan super man every single power rangerbill s printon and theodor logan, spock the rock doc oc and hulk hogan all came out of nowhere lightning fast and got their asses kicked by a single roundhouse from chuck norris.


2010-07-01 17:34:41

the angels sang in a wonderful chorus, down from heaven, descended chuck norris, with a kick that could shatter bones, into the crotch of indiana jones... LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Rudy Rodriguez J.R

2010-01-29 10:41:38

Chuck norris can live to infinity, then when he has an afterlife, he haunts whoever is stupid enough to kill him.

Rudy Rodriguez J.R

2010-01-29 10:40:31

Chuck norris took your sister's vaginity. Twice.


2009-02-09 16:48:35

HOLY $@%#&&%&^%)*&%!@#$%^*