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Chuck Norris Joke #260

Chuck Norris doesn't look both ways before he crosses the street... he just roundhouses any cars that get too close.

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2012-02-08 22:24:33

Chuck Norris can send a roundhouse kick through the phone line

Garrett laugh master

2012-01-28 14:48:37

Darth Vader does not say i am your father to Chuck Norris beacause Chuck Norris is his father.

Garrett laugh master

2012-01-28 14:47:10

How do you stop nightmares from, Freddy Krooger?Dream about Chuck Norris

Garrett laugh master

2012-01-28 14:45:09

Freddy Krooger has nightmares about Chuck Norris

Garrett laugh master

2012-01-28 14:43:41

When bears camp,they`re scary stories are about Chuck Norris!


2012-01-01 22:10:28

Rammstein who do you want to gouge in the eye? (yes I'm German)


2011-11-19 14:18:08

why so many roundhous kick jokes?


2011-11-14 11:24:58

Chuck Norris' dust trail made Adam, and when he roundhouse kicked Adam in the chest, Eve was born.


2010-12-18 16:30:21

chuck norris killed two stones with one bird


2010-10-31 20:54:43

why didn't the chicken cross the road? because chuck norris was on the other side

chuck lee

2010-07-21 00:07:03

he doesnt obey traffic. traffic obeys him

Phillip Sergent

2009-06-01 03:47:30

Why did the chicken cross the road........ Because chuck Norris roundhouse kicked it in the face...


2008-03-12 20:07:28

Ich will gouge du in se Augen!