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Chuck Norris Joke #255

Maslow's theory of higher needs does not apply to Chuck Norris. He only has two needs: killing people and finding people to kill.

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2013-09-11 12:18:04

8707723371 call me for a good time, im so horny if i dont answer leave me a message and i promise to return the call as soon as i get it;)

Martin Luther

2012-02-24 15:53:55

Chuck Norris's mom kissed him goodnight. She got fucked up homie.


2011-12-05 16:21:16

Does anybody remember that bruce lee kicked Chuck Norris %$^&

Mark F

2011-11-28 18:20:47

NASA has found a replacement for the space shuttle. It is called Chuck Norris's arm.


2011-03-10 17:10:36

When it snows, God is actually emptying out his bag of cocain. Chuck Norris doesn't like drugs, and he checks up on everyone

are u shure

2011-03-06 07:52:52

he dosent do it from space he does it from 4 feet not space


2010-12-22 19:07:56

Titalwaves are not underwater eathquakes but rather chuck norris cannon balling from space