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Chuck Norris Joke #241

Chuck Norris once kicked a horse in the chin. Its decendants are known today as Giraffes.

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2013-07-17 13:35:39

In baseball, Chuck Norris can strike out a batter in one pitch.

hey you

2013-01-24 12:19:12

Hey Zach you stole that from epic rap battles of history Chuck vs. Lincoln

charles breeze

2012-06-08 19:08:58

A blind man bumpened in to chuck norris curing him of his blindness and chuck norris round house kicked him in the face killing him the morrle of the story is no one hits chuck norris


2012-03-20 15:51:31

Chuck Norris doesnt call the wrong number u simply answered the wrong phone.


2012-02-29 09:56:44

Chuck Norris can cure cancer with his tears, too bad he never cries.


2012-02-04 20:56:58

chuck norris to aberham lincon:You may have freed the slaves but chuck is every ones master

Fred Walker

2011-11-03 18:05:20

Chuck Norris Doesnt look old

jeff allen

2011-05-29 08:09:58

I have to stop writing chuck Norris. Jokes chuck called and told me to stop. What the hell would you do?

jeff allen

2011-05-29 08:08:24

Chuck Norris once killed a whole town for fun. And then loooked around and laughed. Hence this why we now have the word chuckle

jeff allen

2011-05-29 08:06:19

Chuck Norris has never hosted saturday night live because they would have to change it to Saturday night dead!

jeff allen

2011-05-29 08:04:03

They are starting a new show this season starring chuck Norris. Its called the ass kick wisperer

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:57:11

Jared didn't loose all that weight eating at subway. He lost it ruining from chuck norris

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:54:41

If chuck Norris worked at subway you would get a 5 dollar foot long and a round house kick to the face

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:51:09

It was OK for Juan ebstien to be late for Mr caters class. He had a note from chuck norris

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:40:55

When chuck Norris wipes his ass he uses other peoples hands.

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:38:32

Chuck Norris invented fisting. For pornos. And these are all my originals hope you like them. Jeff

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:35:31

When chuck Norris takes a shit the devastation can be seen for miles!

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:32:16

Chuck Norris once killed a man by flicking a bugger

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:29:36

When chuck Norris farts it causes earth quakes!

jeff allenchuck

2011-05-29 07:24:35

Chuck Norris really doesn't know how to round house kick. Its just his leg trying to escape from chuck Norris

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:20:51

If chuck Norris was really a Texas ranger he would be the the lone ranger

jeff allen

2011-05-29 07:18:31

If chuck Norris. Kicked your ass it would wrap around your you head and you would suffocate.


2011-03-23 12:14:41

chuck norris's favorite saying" those who said the pen is mighter than the sword has obuoslly never encountered atoumatic wepons"


2011-03-23 12:10:19

A rouge squirrle once challenged chuck norris to a nut gathering contest. Before begining he simpily dropped his pants, killing the squirlle instantly and three small children nearbye!


2011-03-06 07:45:46

its upercuted not kicked but its still funney


2010-10-28 19:22:03

If chuck norris wer a girl his name would be chuckles noze


2010-10-28 19:01:14

chuck norris can touch m.c. hammer

Chuck Norris' cousin

2010-10-07 13:45:54

There is no theory of evolution, just of the animals Chuck Norris allows to live.

Scott Muir

2010-06-23 17:35:31

contrary to popular belief there is a word that rhymes with the words; orange, purple, silver and month. This word is Chuck Norris.


2010-06-09 18:34:22


Jessica Norris

2010-05-28 22:35:08

Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that he knocked their lights out... At THEIR HOUSE FOR TWO MONTHS....


2010-04-12 09:52:13

every time you masterbate chuck norris hits a mexican baby in the face


2010-04-01 23:20:22

chuck norris doesnt use steroids, steroids use chuck norris


2010-03-29 06:04:29

CHUCK NORRIS is so tough under his beard there is no chin.... yet only another fist.

Spencer Homitz

2010-01-01 18:25:51

Chuck Norris built Nasa's first space shuttle from the pieces to a blender.


2009-12-25 18:11:32

Sorry,bruce lee killed chuck Norris!


2009-12-25 18:06:26

Chuck Norris is pretty tough,but who's tougher, chuck norris or Jackie chan?I think chuck Norris is way tougher.but in the way of the dragon jackie chan ,so I still think chuck Norris is still the best caues......he's chuck Norris!!!!


2009-12-25 17:56:02

That was a good Joke!


2009-12-22 15:10:40

its aaron this is a funny joke


2009-10-16 02:47:43

classic i love chuck!


2009-10-05 05:29:38

Chuck norris is so great. when he speak, fathers will secure their daughters but forget about their wife right to their next.


2009-07-25 16:45:22

If jesus can walk on water chuck norris can swim on land


2008-09-29 05:22:48

when chuck norris jumps in the ocean, he dosnt get wet, the ocean gets chuck norris


2008-04-10 16:15:03

global warming isnt real its just chuck norris turning up the sun


2008-02-24 22:05:39

The Earth was supposed to be created in 10 days but Chuck Norris gave god 7.


2008-02-02 18:11:40

dumb joke if chuck norris kicked a horse in the chin it would be dead...DUH

Trevor Bradley, sioux city iowa

2008-01-10 11:36:22

chuck norris is a certified bad ass....chuck norris once ate a 72 ounce steak in 1 hour...he spent the first 59 min having sex with the waitress!!!!!!! chuck norris round house kick is so fast that if you put it in slow motion you would see he ate dinner, smoked a cigar, and had sex with your girlfriend...then kicked you!!!


2008-01-03 18:59:13

If Chuck Norris invented a Chuck Norris joke the punchline would kill you.

Lachlan King

2007-10-10 23:27:11

Chuck Norris does not have pubes on his balls because hair does not grow on steel.


2007-08-28 00:54:44

Chuck Norris can Google talk from a public phone


2007-03-30 13:58:38

love this one!!

Wilson Smith

2007-02-25 17:47:01

Hey, love your site, if u need another joke: "If you wake up in the morning its only because Chuck Norris let you live!" or "Chuck Norris doesn't sleep, he waits." Heh, bye!