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Chuck Norris Joke #221

Chuck Norris just says "no" to drugs. If he said "yes", it would collapse Colombia's infrastructure.

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bobby fuck

2011-05-04 08:02:07

i like chuck


2011-05-04 08:01:13

Chuck Norris. Thats it


2011-05-03 07:46:29

violence is'nt the way .... chuck norris is


2011-05-03 07:45:09

(tell this to your freinds cause its dos'nt sound good on the computer)chuck norris can diffie all laws of gravity......(look up and say) o my god:)


2011-05-03 07:41:11

there was no real aliens from dead space... chuck norris just had a bad case of sniffles:)


2011-05-03 07:39:00

what is goin through the head of the person that chuck norris is beating up........ his foot:)


2011-05-03 07:36:47

chuck norris one time swam to the vergin islands.... now there just called the islands:)


2011-05-03 07:34:51

befor the universe there was nothing.... then chuck norris round house kicked that nothing in the face and said get a job.... and thats the story of life:)


2011-02-26 17:40:43

death once had a near- chuck experience.
chuck norris can slice through a hot knife with butter.XD


2011-02-21 06:59:37

Once I had a dream of that...I am Chuck Norris. At the morning I had no face...only a market of a sole on my wall. Colored with my brain, blood and teeth...


2010-12-07 13:22:56

elliott that is very mean and ima tell your mom

elliott hodgson

2010-05-27 09:53:16

sam jakl likes dick up his ass

chandler l

2010-05-12 10:35:06

sam jakl has a chode

chico lawrence

2010-05-12 10:33:46

chuck norris will kill you :), end of story.

some guy

2010-01-02 16:43:08

when chuck norris jumps in a pool. he does'nt get wet... the water gets chuck norris


2010-01-01 11:24:06

chuck norris doesn't were sun block the sun were's chuck block


2009-12-04 03:55:58

jajajajaj really funny............... NOT


2009-04-30 14:44:51

chuck norris could strangel you with a cordless phone....
Q: y doesn't chuck norris have hair on his ballz
A: hair doesn't grow on steel u idiot!!!

chuck norris roundhouse kicked ronald macdonald and turned him into a wendy's

it was the bermuta square until chuck norris kicked it


2008-05-09 11:24:45

what the hell is infrastructure?

chris twister

2008-03-01 20:49:51

The Great Wall of China was built to keep Chuck Norris out, it failed miserably


2008-01-28 13:03:57

chuck norris can squeeze orange juice out of a banana


2007-08-30 18:59:25

only chuck norris knows where nemo is

Nick Swanson

2007-05-03 19:49:09

When Chuck Norris jumps ito a pool, Chuck Norris Doesn't get wet, the pool gets Chuck Norris