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Chuck Norris Joke #181

When Chuck Norris was a baby, he didn't suck his mother's breast. His mother served him whiskey, straight out of the bottle.

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2013-06-11 19:51:52

chuck Norris once had a staring contest with a statue if you ask chuck Norris what happened after that he'll say (it was so scared it turn into the very planet we stand on ) and if ya ask him what earths doing right now he'll say ( it revolves to work off the money if owes me)and if you ask him how much earth owes him he'll say ( start counting from negative 50 googol i'll tell yaa when to stop ) he will then go killing. have a staring contest with the sun, play minecraft till he has made things on every parts of 50 maps , watch every movie from the beginning of movies ,buy 100 rental house that have a ocean view in California, beats himself in three player chess, makes a time machine and goes to every time possible sees jesus, talks to god, scams the devil, beats an endless game, and finally go to the other side of the universe he then comes back and says what are you at to the soul deserted skeleton you are


2011-10-09 16:08:02



2011-03-22 19:59:50

Ch___k N____s traveled with the circus as a chainsaw swallower.


2011-03-11 13:46:50

Chuck Norris can do a wheelie on a unicycle. Agent Vodka can do a wheelie on a zero-cycle. Chuck Norris can play Connect 4 and win in three moves. Agent Vodka can win in two moves. Chuck Norris can slam revolving door, but I can open it!


2010-06-30 07:53:20

god backwards is dog...
Cool are god is a dog!!! :D


2010-05-08 11:52:33

Chuck Norris had his own type of tolite paper, but then it got recalled cause it wouldn't take crap from anyone

taylor griffin

2010-04-04 23:54:43

chuck norris once won an arm-wrestling tournament...with no hands!

the sun heats the earth because chuck norris heats the sun

chuck norris doesnt ever charge his phone..its too scared to die on him!


2010-03-05 22:21:58

HEY ″chuck norris like's men” you ******* ******** GOD IS AWESOME HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

chuck norris likes men

2009-11-16 13:42:37

lol! god spelt backwards is dog lololololololol :))))


2008-04-25 12:25:58

That joke sucked!