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Chuck Norris Joke #178

Some kids play Kick the can. Chuck Norris played Kick the keg.

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2011-11-20 05:48:22

Chuck norris is in my house!!! he says i stole his name!!!

chuck norris

2011-11-20 05:46:05

DIE, whoever makes fun of chuck fuckin norris!!!!!

Klacker LoL

2011-01-16 09:28:59

i'm just lookin' back on victior. and i realize he mispelled a lot of shtuff...

chuck norris

2010-12-30 21:08:35

hey kids


2010-10-23 20:32:47

lmfao victoir your joke was the best I've seen. gooooood shit nigga

Kyle ^.^

2010-05-13 06:17:23

This one's so boring that whoever made it should "Kick The Bucket" :D .... and so should Victior

Klacker lOl

2010-04-17 19:33:27

i have to agree with the ninja kid. Victior, your joke sucks, is pointless, and half of that stuff i can do with a hand behind my back. DONT TYPE IN YOUR NAME WHEN YOU POST A COMMENT FUNNY NESS HAPPENS

Klacker lOl

2010-04-17 19:31:52

I play kick the chuck norris. But i ended up very confused under water near chilè

Combat Ninja

2010-01-17 20:24:23

Victior your joke sucked balls and you misspelled Sony twice.

Sgt. sprinkles

2009-11-16 03:55:29

victoir, that was too long to be funni


2009-08-01 12:19:40

Chuck Norris liked the Xbox360 so much that when Sonny came out with the PS3 with blu-ray; He made a plan. This was to go to Sonny, find the people who had the blue prints of the consel, and roundhouse kicked them. They gave him a copy of it. That's why the PS3's new motion controller sucks more than the Natal Project. In 2012, Chuck Norris will Give Microsoft the blue prints so the Xbox360 consel can finaly have blu ray definition


2007-11-18 18:23:52

noob cake