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Chuck Norris Joke #154

The Sherman tank was originaly called the Norris tank until Chuck Norris decided it wasn't tough enough to be associated with him. The Army, for fear of Chuck Norris, renamed the tank and promised to develop a weapon more fitting of his name. To date, no weapon created has been badass enough to be named after Chuck Norris.

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2012-06-22 23:35:56

Chuck Norris does not masturbate. He just looks at his penis and says "Fire".!


2012-01-24 07:35:44

Chuck Norris has a bear skin rug. Its alive, Its just too scared to move.


2011-09-12 20:29:14

One day, Chuck Norris kicked a horse in the chin and then there were giraffes.


2011-09-12 13:36:27

many consider Chuck Norris to tough to be called a gentlemen


2011-09-11 06:48:52

Chuck Norris gave a girl a boner


2011-09-11 06:40:32

Chuck Norris gave Hercules a roundhouse kick thats why his on Olympus now...


2011-06-07 19:14:44

The Boogy man gets his mom to check under the bed for Chuck Norris


2011-06-07 11:16:34

A shark does not bite chuck norris, Chuck norris bites it


2011-06-07 11:13:30

Chuck Norris used to be a nascar racer, on the biggeste race of his life, a baby carraige rolled out infront of him.... he swirved to dodge it, but crashed, amazingly the baby survived.... HE WAS THAT BABY!


Damn straight!

Peyton Damron

2011-06-07 07:27:42

Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors.


2011-05-17 13:14:10

there is a badass enough weapon created, its called chuck norris himself

Jaimie Crippin

2011-03-11 06:26:11

the only thing that can be named after chuck chuck norris..i will not say anything else in fear of being struck dead


2010-06-10 15:32:31

One day Chuck Norris ordered a whopper at McDonalds, and got it. The next day, Chuck Norris ordered a big mac at Burger King, and got it.