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Chuck Norris Joke #133

Chuck Norris invented the bolt-action rifle, liquor, sexual intercourse, and football-- in that order.

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2012-10-13 19:30:31

Little kids check there closets for the boogeyman,the boogeyman checks his closet for Bruce Lee,Bruce Lee checks under his bed for Batman,Batman checks under his bed for Chuck Norris,Chuck Norris Checks the door for you to beat the shit out of


2011-11-15 11:08:22

i friggn hate chuck...*roundhousekick*

epic man123

2011-10-10 19:32:31

little kids look in their closet for the boogeyman,the boogeyman looks in his closet for chuck norris.

moves like jagger

2011-09-28 11:17:19

chuck norris doesnt defeat you, he just allows you to lose


2011-09-28 11:14:34

chuck norris hunts sharks when he smells them bleed

niklas butchma

2011-09-28 11:13:07

when chuck norris left the virgin islands, they were just the islands


2011-08-01 16:06:15

chuck norris dosnt mow his lawn he just stares at his grass and dares it to grow


2011-07-07 18:32:50

Everybody loves raymond...Except for Chuck norris

Klacker lOl

2011-02-08 18:54:59

The iron man suit is chuck norris's PJ's.


2010-10-16 22:11:38

chuck norris can get a perfect score on his iq test


2007-08-31 15:03:55

Chuck Norris is AWESOME

justyn hasten

2007-04-02 12:44:21

no shit?