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Chuck Norris Joke #121

When Chuck Norris is in a crowded area, he doesn't walk around people. He walks through them.

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2013-01-26 09:55:32

chuck norris is sewing the u.s.a network because law and order are the names of his left and right legs


2013-01-26 07:55:00

god walks on water chuck norris swims thru land


2013-01-26 07:54:02

chuck norrisis tears cure cancer too bad chuck norris dosent cry


2012-02-19 21:06:32

As fast as lightning, No, Lightning wishes it could be as fast as Chuck Norris.


2012-02-19 19:25:15

Chuck Norris eats coal and shits out diamonds


2011-09-19 06:16:23

chuck had to stop washing his clothes in the ocean because the tsunamis were killing people


2011-09-19 06:14:40

a kid named andrew Howard said that he could round house kick chuck in the face and live


2011-07-20 20:43:57

th@ sucks!!!


2011-07-20 11:35:22

Chuck norris said fuck you to a girl and she got pregnant.


2010-05-30 13:41:11

Ossie bits the heads off bat's. Chuck Norris bit's the heads of Beijing tigers.

Sarad Thamia

2010-04-28 19:34:06

Chuck Norris decided to market his own urine....and they called it Red Bull.

makayla pinoni

2010-04-27 19:02:29

chuck norris doesnt use condoms cause nothing can pass by him! -------- or--------- chuck norris doesnt use condoms cause nothing passes chuck norris!